Fox News Exposes Muppet Movie's Communist Agenda

Illustration for article titled Fox News Exposes emMuppet Movie/ems Communist Agenda

In a recent segment Fox Business Network wondered "Are Liberals Trying To Brainwash Your Kids Against Capitalism?" and it's hard to argue that they aren't! (Particularly when you roll your eyes and scream while the one liberal on the show speaks.) Several Fox anchors and a representative from the Media Research Center are furious that the villain in The Muppet Movie is oil baron Tex Richman. If you just look at recent kid favorites Cars 2 and There Will Be Blood it's clear that Hollywood is trying to bias children against big oil, and capitalism in general. And don't get them started on that new "food insecure" muppet! As one pundit remarks, "There's all these programs to take care of hungry kids. Why would that muppet be starving?" (We're not sure either. Let's ask the 17 million American children who often go hungry.)


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Humbug. Any Republican children watching The Muppets will find the perfect role models in Statler and Waldorf.