Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Fired Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct

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Image: AP Images (AP)

Fox News, a network not particularly known for righteous journalism and unbiased reporting, is turning the lens on themselves once again. On Wednesday morning CNN reported that Fox had fired Ed Henry, co-host of America’s Newsroom following a company investigation into an allegation of “willful sexual misconduct.” Though the investigation was launched in June, an internal memo from Fox shows that swift action is a result of an overhaul of the “entire human resources department” in 2017. Who can say what inspired such a change? 


This isn’t the first time Henry has shamed the network, according to Variety. “In 2016, he took off several months from Fox News after a tabloid report surfaced regarding an extramarital relationship with a woman in Las Vegas,” Variety wrote. “According to one person familiar with the matter, former Fox News chief Roger Ailes agreed to keep Henry on board despite the bad publicity the report generated, essentially saving his career.” Henry has yet to comment on his firing or the allegation.


He’ll probably have a show on OANN in six months or so.