Fox Hosts Agree: 'Meatless Mondays' Is Liberal Propaganda

Because a real American patriot has a colon full of red, white, and blue polyps, the Mensa panel over at Fox & Friends have declared "meatless Mondays" for kids a form of liberal propaganda.

In a segment that aired this morning, Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples mused over whether or not "meatless Mondays" for kids — something that is better for the environment and for health, according to, uh, facts — was the same thing as evil vegetarian brainwashing of children.

Yes, the panel involving a man who has profited greatly from telling people that they should eat meat every day concluded. Yes, it is.


Glad we settled that.

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Emma Golddigger

God forbid the Hindu kids, kids who keep kosher or halal, or vegetarian kids get one day a week where they don't have to eat side dishes or half-assed afterthought dishes. Everyone knows if you accidentally eat a single meal that doesn't have meat in it, you will die of anemia before dessert.