Fox & Friends Plays 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' for Chelsea Manning Story

Illustration for article titled emFox  Friends/em Plays Dude Looks Like a Lady for Chelsea Manning Story

No one expects Fox & Friends to keep it classy, which is why it's almost impressive when the show manages to pull off something so incredibly tasteless that you actually take notice and think, "Wow, that was fucked up, even for you people."


Anyway, get ready to be almost impressed.

When teasing an upcoming segment on Chelsea Manning earlier this morning, Fox & Friends had the nerve to play Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady." You see, this is very funny because Chelsea Manning lived her life as Bradley Manning up until very recently when she decided to come out as transgender. Hahaha, right? I'm sure you're rolling on the floor laughing at this excellent, well-executed joke.


[Media Matters]

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I find it hilarious that Bradley/Chelsea Manning in now Jezebel material since he/she came out with gender change. Who cares about some stupid man leaking government documents. Oh wait, he said he wants to called Chelsea now? Oh shit, quick start writing articles.