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Four Convicted in Gang Rape of Photojournalist in India

Illustration for article titled Four Convicted in Gang Rape of Photojournalist in India

Four men have been convicted of multiple offenses stemming from a brutal attack on a photojournalist in India, including gang rape and destruction of evidence.

The case centered around a 22-year-old woman attacked by five men while she was on assignment in August. Via the BBC:

Maharashtra state Home Minister RR Patil, who was in court for Thursday's verdict, said justice had been done. "The verdict will send a message to the other offenders. It will be a deterrent," Mr Patil said. An intern with a Mumbai-based English magazine, the victim had gone to the Shakti Mills - a former textile mill that now lies abandoned and in ruins - with a male colleague on a photo assignment when she was attacked.


Sentencing for the four men is set for Friday. A fifth assailant who was under the age of 18 at the time of the attack has been sentenced in juvenile court to three years.

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