Four Convicted in Gang Rape of Photojournalist in India

Four men have been convicted of multiple offenses stemming from a brutal attack on a photojournalist in India, including gang rape and destruction of evidence.

The case centered around a 22-year-old woman attacked by five men while she was on assignment in August. Via the BBC:

Maharashtra state Home Minister RR Patil, who was in court for Thursday's verdict, said justice had been done. "The verdict will send a message to the other offenders. It will be a deterrent," Mr Patil said. An intern with a Mumbai-based English magazine, the victim had gone to the Shakti Mills - a former textile mill that now lies abandoned and in ruins - with a male colleague on a photo assignment when she was attacked.

Sentencing for the four men is set for Friday. A fifth assailant who was under the age of 18 at the time of the attack has been sentenced in juvenile court to three years.

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