Fort Hood Soldier Convicted as Prostitution Ring Investigation Goes On

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After a short deliberation, Master Sgt. Brad Grimes was convicted in military court Tuesday of conspiring to patronize a prostitute and solicitation to commit adultery. His was the first of what will likely be several cases involving a prostitution ring of female soldiers started by Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen.

Original reports Tuesday on the Grimes trial didn't name the McQueen as the leader of the prostitution ring – despite the fact that he had been revealed back in May when an investigation into his activities with fellow soldiers first began. That's perhaps because McQueen still has not been charged, though the details of his alleged crimes, via USA Today, are horrifying:

McQueen was working as a sexual harassment/assault response and prevention coordinator when he recruited the woman, according to the congressional aide, who was briefed by military officials. Those coordinators assist commanders in executing their response and prevention program and integrate sexual assault response efforts of police, medical personnel and chaplains, according to the Army.

McQueen approached another female private first class, the sources said, and attempted to persuade her to become a prostitute. She refused, and he sexually assaulted her, the sources said. She brought the complaint to military officials.


In the case settled this week, Grimes was not charged with actually having sex with a prostitute nor with committing adultery. According to the Killeen Daily Herald, Grimes' lawyer Daniel Conway said, "He was tempted, and it's not a crime to be tempted," denying that Grimes actually paid for sex. Conway also said that it was McQueen and a female soldier who are really the ones to blame.

Grimes was reprimanded and demoted but will continue to serve in the military.

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Sometimes I need to just stop reading Jezebel. It's not that I'm not for strongly supporting women's rights, or that stuff like this doesn't outrage me, it's that there are so many depressing stories on here that it effects me. I read gawker for news, deadspin for laughs, and Jezebel to feel bad.

Jesus those poor women. Whomever did this deserves life behind bars.