​Former Tiffany's VP Gets One Year Sentence For Stealing Jewelry

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After being arrested in July for stealing 165 items that totaled more than $2 million from Tiffany & Co, Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun (whose name sounds like a baroness) has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison.


As the Vice President of Tiff & Co, she checked out jewelry to "provide to potential manufacturers in order to determine production costs." Instead of returning them, the sly broad simply marked the items as missing or damaged, the most insipid and uninspired way to pull off a jewel heist. Investigators found she resold some of the goods to an unknown international dealer, while keeping other items for herself.

Her lawyer defended her actions as a symptom of depression:

"To be clear, Ingrid did not need the money… Ingrid spent more money on others than she ever did on herself. The family was well-off and could have afforded the same lifestyle without her theft.

For reasons that can only be explained by a psychiatric illness, Ingrid took huge risks with her life and her freedom each time she stole. The risk did not pay off."


Nothing like an Affluenza+psychiatric illness combo defense to reduce the sentence of a woman who made $360K per year. Because if we've learned anything it's that rich people shouldn't be punished as severely seeing as they don't need the things they steal.

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Good Shot Red Two

"Because if we've learned anything it's that rich people shouldn't be punished as severely..."

This is such bullshit. Our criminal justice priorities are so fucked up in this country. Pink elephant in the sky forbid, she was involved in the heroin or cocaine trade. Rest assured, she wouldn't be looking at one year in prison.

The criminal justice system should focus on prosecuting violent crime and white collar crime, harshly, with hard labor, preferably on infrastructure projects. That is all.