Meg Stapleton's exit interview with The Daily Beast confirms that Palin alone is responsible for her own message-making. No incoherence or fact-impaired controversy-stoking on her front! Well, sort of.

Stapleton has been criticized for a media strategy that includes sending out press releases about Levi Johnston and focusing on giving access venues like Entertainment Tonight and various tabloids over the national press and the conservative media. But who needs their gotcha questions anyway, right?

"She is in control of her own message," Stapleton told The Daily Beast. "Her Facebook and Twitter is her own. I find out about Facebook and Twitter when others email me. She does it on her own. She is in control of her own message. No one has a better voice than the governor and no one can speak better to her than the governor."

Maybe Stapleton's next move should be signing up for Twitter and Facebook. Just a suggestion. In the meantime, the piece suggests that the fact that Palin hasn't posted "even so much as a sympathetic Facebook post" about Stapleton's departure is telling. I'm not saying it's impossible to have a substantive discussion on Facebook, but all this emphasis on it — and the general level of Palin's communications there — compounds the impression of high school-level discourse.


In any case, despite their differences, Stapleton had only kind words for her former boss:

"I think what some people still haven't fully embraced is that she is so different than any other politician and the politician everyone is used to and used to reporting on have a massive infrastructure with no immediate connection and she has that immediate connection and doesn't want to lose that immediate and direct connection to the people," she said. "Reporters and others in the establishment and the elite cannot just grasp it....She thrives on that connection. It's a great asset."


Thankfully, Fox News is a totally non-elite, direct connection to the people.

Below, a stellar example of Stapleton in action last summer, utterly baffling CNN's Anderson Cooper.

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