Former Police Officer Kills Wife and Good Samaritan While on a Cocaine Binge

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A former Arizona police officer has been taken into custody after killing his wife and a man that tried to save her outside of the city of Phoenix.


Christopher Glen Wright, an ex-police officer who left the force in 2009 after two years of service due to “personal reasons,” was purportedly both high on massive amounts of cocaine and suffering from sleep deprivation when he crashed his Range Rover in an attempt to murder his wife, Nasbah Laverne Wright, on the morning of May 31.

Prior to the incident, Nasbah Wright reportedly dialed 911 around 3 a.m., and said that her husband was attempting to steal her SUV, and that she planned to stop him.

After surviving the crash, Mrs. Wright then ran towards the road, alerting Tomas Olivas Ornelas, who had been driving a pickup truck and had parked to observe the wreckage, that she needed help.

Nasbah also made additional 911 calls after the initial attack.

“Help me, help me,” she pleaded to the dispatcher, while stating that her husband was armed with a rifle and that he was planning to shoot her.

Wright then proceeded to shoot both his wife and Ornelas. Both were found with multiple gunshot wounds, with Nasbah in the passenger seat and Ornelas next to the driver’s door, according to The New York Daily News.

After he was apprehended, Wright, who admitted to frequently abusing his wife, told authorities that both of his victims “deserved to die,” and that he would he “do it all again” if given the chance. He then tried to flee police custody, and was subdued with the help of a taser and pepper spray.


Wright blamed his wife for his attack, whom he accused of cheating on him.

“Christopher stated he and his wife have been having domestic problems for years,” stated the initial police report. “He described himself as being both verbally and physically abusive against her on a regular basis in the past. He stated he had wanted to kill her on one previous occasion. However; she fled their residence. When he went in search for something to use, Christopher stated he had been using cocaine for the past week and had limited sleep.”


Since the incident, Wright has been charged with first-degree murder, as well as with “attempted theft of a means of transportation, and attempted escape from felony custody,” according to a report by AZFamily. He is currently being held in prison on a $2 million bond.

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Funny how when a white guy tries to escape police custody he’s subdued with pepper spray and a taser instead of being shot and killed.