Former Owl City Member Daniel Jorgensen Pleads Guilty to Lewdness With a Child

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Daniel Jorgensen, a former touring member of the band Owl City, has reportedly pleaded guilty to “lewdness with a child.”

The 32-year-old musician admitted that, in August 2013 in Atlantic City, he had exposed himself to a girl under the age of 13. Initially he was charged in 2015 with attempting to lure the girl and engage in criminal sexual contact. Jorgensen was ultimately sentenced to two years’ probation in Minneapolis.


Jorgensen’s reputation as a predator began in 2013 after a now-deleted Tumblr post surfaced, written by a teenager who had inappropriate contact with the musician when she met him in Atlantic City in 2013.

“Something Daniel does, and is very good at, is manipulating people,” she wrote, detailing how Jorgensen pressured her to make out with him and how she had to direct his hands away from touching her too much.

That same year Jorgensen was fired from Owl City with the band stating that it was “necessary and appropriate” due to the allegations that had surfaced.

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