Shortly after Mediaite reported that, following her dramatic exit from MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry would be joining Fusion to host a show similar to The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Harris-Perry denied that account on Twitter.

From Mediaite

Harris-Perry, 42, will be given her own program, sources say. The program will likely mirror her former offering on MSNBC, which was seen weekend mornings from 10:00 AM-12 noon EST.

Then Harris-Perry tweeted:



Update: More from Harris-Perry.



Harris-Perry then listed some of her recent activities, which include her work at Wake Forest and writing for Elle, before adding:

While the Disney-Univision-owned brand has expanded rapidly due to the large amount of money its owner has pumped into it, its struggled to get ratings and eyes on the work its employees produce, both on television and on the web. The hypothetical hiring of Harris-Perry—who featured women and minorities in her guest bookings in a way other programs do not—would seem like a natural fit for the network, which was founded to target a young diverse group of media consumers, boasting programs from people like Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez.


It would also have been a good fit for another reason: Harris-Perry didn’t care much for ratings, which was what MSNBC was going for when they reportedly began preempting her program to emphasis political coverage. “There was an actual rule that no one was allowed to… talk to Melissa about ratings,” she told the Washington Post after her exit. “For me the fun of the show was us being able to decide if we liked a segment, it was because we liked it.”

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