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Former Employee Suing Versace for Racial Discrimination

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

A man who formerly worked at a Versace store in the Bay area says he was fired when his manager realized he was black, after attempting to give him a “code” for black shoppers.


TMZ reports that the lawsuit filed by the unnamed man alleges that when a black customer entered Versace, co-workers would tell each other that there was a “D410" in whatever section they entered. A D410 is the official code for black shirts in Versace stores. The complainant says he then told his manager his race:

The employee says he shocked the manager by responding, “You know that I’m African-American?”

He says after that revelation they refused to give him rest breaks, and fired him after just 2 weeks. In the suit, he says he was told he was canned because he hadn’t “lived the luxury life.”


The man is seeking unpaid wages and damages of an unspecified sum. Versace is already seeking a dismissal of the suit, denying all the allegations.

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Lived the luxury life? What does that even mean?