Former Announcer Charles Brotman Found Something Better to Do This Inauguration

With just a few weeks to go before the inauguration, President Donald J. Trump unceremoniously fired legendary announcer Charles Brotman by email. Never mind that Brotman had announced every inaugural parade since Eisenhower; never mind that the cold, abrupt dismissal left him shattered—as it turns out, Brotman found something better to do this weekend.


Seems he picked the more popular event. And they said men wouldn’t show up to a women’s march.

Former Gawker news editor


THIS MAN. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM. Seriously him saying he wanted to kill him self when he found out he wasn’t going to be an announcer broke my heart. And as was stated on the original post, a man of this age who has participated in many many inaugurations clearly holds it close to his heart regardless of who is incoming president. He sees himself as part of the peaceful transition. And to blatantly disrespect his age and tradition is just so trump and so nasty. Anyways I’m happy for him