For Your Consideration: A Herd of Gleeful Baby Goats

You know a goat video is pretty good when you don't even really mind that it's shot vertically.


This video is absolutely adorable until you realize it is actually a bit terrifying in that 'They're uh, they're flocking this way" sort of manner. Even the cutest of things are fucking petrifying en masse. Although that last one sounds a little wimpy.

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Mel aka kayakgrrl

I hit this when it was all over i09 a few days ago. These are not only baby goats, but baby MINIATURE goats! Sunflower Farm raises the miniature breed of goats for milking (the breed's milk has a higher fat content than regular goat's milk) and to be pets (so no goat meat). The site said that this year's brood of baby goats have all already been reserved by people wanting them for pets. And the little guy at the end? The video poster said he was the tiniest in the litter and so a bit slow, but always wants to be in the action!