For Women Named Mom, Boy Does Yoplait Have a Yogurt for You!

Mom’s special juice is WINEEEEEE / Image via Youtube
Mom’s special juice is WINEEEEEE / Image via Youtube

Yoplait has a new PSA especially for Moms who are tired of being judged all the time for breast-feeding, drinking wine, working, and bribing kids, among many other things. Oh and it’s also a commercial for yogurt, but not a commercial for anyone except women named Mom.

Moms, as we all know, are stripped of their individual identity once they have children and must only answer to the name Mom. “How do you think I got the name Mom in the first place,” one Mom whispers to the camera at one point in the commercial. This can make for some confusing situations. Is this woman my mother or your mother? If you have children but aren’t a Mom, are you even a mom? Help!


At the end of the day Yoplait wants you to know one thing: their yogurt is not made with “cage-free, Norwegian hemp-milk” and some kids LOVE that. So take your Chobani-ass organic Greek sludge and go fuck yourself.

Except that Yoplait is actually trying to rebrand itself as a Chobani once it realized that consumers care a lot about “authenticity” when it comes to yogurt, especially natural-sounding Greek yogurt. They’ll soon be releasing “Oui,” a new line of creamy vaguely French yogurt that will be released in little glass jars. Perhaps then we’ll get ads shaming Moms who purchase the original Yoplait in plastic containers too?

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

Mom? Holy shit. That was my mom’s name, too.

Small world.