For the Love of God, Let Hillary Clinton Have a Bite of Cake

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“Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.” -Rihanna

There are probably some readers here who would like to smash a piece of cake in Hillary Clinton’s face. There are others who would like to tenderly feed it to her, like a mama bird to a baby bird. Wherever you fall on the Cake Spectrum™, I think we can all see that this sucks for womankind:


Hillary Clinton isn’t eating this cake because people will mock her, a woman, for eating. She will be teased for taking one bite of the most delicious cheesecake in New York City. We watched Ted Cruz eat his own snot, and he’s still a viable political candidate.


And here I am, talking about it anyway. Let her eat cake.


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Captain Janeway

This is actually really depressing. We’re finally watching the OJ thing on FX and my first thought seeing her pining for the cake was Marcia Clark and all the abuse she got for her clothes/hair/being a woman. :/