For the First Time, Michelle Obama Joins Hillary Clinton On Campaign Trail

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Michelle Obama, the First Lady we don’t deserve, joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail this week for the first time. They’ll unite forces at an event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina — an especial effort to secure an important swing state.


According to the Daily Intelligencer, Clinton’s confidence has swelled as we near the end this brutal (hellacious, I’ve nearly lost the will to live) election season. In the last three weeks, she will devote her energy to campaigning in swing states like North Carolina.

The FLOTUS’s appearance in Winston-Salem is especially critical. Obama won the state in 2008, but in 2012 Mitt Romney took it — there was, apparently, a lower turnout of African American voters in the latter election. But Michelle Obama is beloved by all who value what is righteous and true, and Clinton’s campaign believes she will inspire more African American voters to head to the polls.


In fact, Clinton campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon refers to Obama as their “not so secret weapon” and sings her praises for the energy and eloquence she has brought to the trail.

“She has exceeded our expectations in terms of how many events she has been able to do and and been willing to do,” Fallon told Politico. “Her team keeps surprising us with additional ability and we can’t, from our vantage point, get her out there enough...she has been an absolute rock star.”

Not “has been,” Fallon. Is.

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“hellacious, I’ve nearly lost the will to live”

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