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For Some Reason, Donald Trump Still Thinks the LGBT Community Likes Him a Lot

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Donald Trump, a man who is actually three bigoted baby Muppets stacked on top of one another, told supporters at a rally in Dallas, Texas that he believes the LGBT community is starting to shift its support towards the presumptive GOP nominee.


Speaking in the third person, entrepreneur and ball of rat kings held together with gulag-processed horse glue proclaimed to the crowd that the “LGBT community is starting to like Donald Trump very, very much lately.”

Trump made his assertion only days after the Pulse shooting at a gay club in Orlando—the worst massacre perpetrated by a single shooter in American history, as well as an attack specifically against the LGBT (and Latinx) community— occurred on June 12. Notably, his first statement about the shooting made later that day furthered his blatantly anti-Muslim agenda.


Trump went on to purport that his rival in the general election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, accepts donations from countries in the Middle East. He proceeded to then link this claim as inherently anti-LGBT by using the umbrella term “gays” in reference to the diverse array of queer identities in the U.S.

“As far as gays are concerned they [in Middle Eastern countries] throw them off buildings,” said Trump, a pinprick-riddled fireplace bellow made out of human skin and methane gas. “They kill gays in these countries. So you tell me who’s better for the gay community or for women than Donald Trump.”

Shall we ever, according to the #AskTheGays Twitter campaign:


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