For Poor Women, Privacy Is a Luxury

Producer: Zoe Stahl, Animator/Illustrator: Hope Sincere, Creative Producer: Anders Kapur

In late 2017, Khiara Bridges, a professor of law and anthropology at Boston University, joined us in the studio to discuss her most recent book, The Poverty of Privacy Rights. For the book, Dr. Bridges drew upon her 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork in an obstetrics clinic at a public hospital in New York City, and she asserts that poor mothers have been stripped of their right to privacy. In the video above, Dr. Bridges explains the ways the state punishes poor mothers, simply for being poor.


Associate Video Producer, Jezebel

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Canadian here...

so, if a woman requries subsidized healthcare during pregnancy, including the birth of the child, she has to go through all of these steps and speak to a social worker, a financial officer, and sometimes an HIV counseller?

This is BONKERS! Such an invasion and so demeaning for such a miraculous event. I’m so sorry about your healthcare, America... :(

Also, one other question - what is the general cost of giving birth in the hospital?