Following Fatal Accident, Police Want Warrant for Bruce Jenner's Phone

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According to TMZ, the L.A. County's Sheriff's Department are in the process of securing search warrants for Bruce Jenner's cell phone records. They want to determine if Jenner was texting when he hit another driver yesterday. Jenner rear-ended the driver which forced her car into oncoming traffic. The driver later died.


Early reports suggested that Jenner was trying to avoid paparazzi when the accident happened. Jenner passed a field sobriety test and was uninjured in the accident. [TMZ]

Illustration for article titled Following Fatal Accident, Police Want Warrant for Bruce Jenner's Phone

The blood feud continues.

Grammy organizers are scrambling to make sure that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry aren't anywhere near each other during the show tonight. A source (!) told Us Weekly that the show's organizers "are working tirelessly to make sure that certain stars are able to avoid each other from the second they walk onto the red carpet, to when they take their seats or head backstage."

But seriously, what do they think will happen? Will Taylor look wounded? Will Perry send the left shark to do her dirty work? Will there be a sing-off? Will John Mayer write another unbearable song about his feelings? What are the scenarios that go through Grammy organizers' minds when they imagine pop-star drama? [Us Weekly]


Chris Pratt made good on his Super Bowl bet with Chris Evans and visited Christopher's Haven, a children's hospital, in Boston. Pratt, a Seahawks fans, visited with the kids and handed out Patriots' gear. The photos are adorable, Chris Pratt is adorable, and Chris Evans was there too! Why is everyone named Chris? [Vulture]


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Ugh, this Jenner story is so triggering. My mother's killer (19 year old, speeding and texting, hit her head on) was just sentenced on Wednesday. A couple of fines and three years probation for hitting her car so hard that her steering wheel bent around her after it went through her and into her seat back. But he's a "nice kid" from a "nice family," so.....

Time to Google the consequences of taking an extra Cymbalta and head back to bed....