Follow This Swimming Cat's Example and Go to the Pool Immediately

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It’s only the beginning of August, but unfortunately, that’s the beginning of the end for summer. It’s already “back to school” promo time. Before the sun disappears entirely, let’s all follow the example of my new hero, Tissy the swimming Maine Coon, and get the hell into the swimming pool while we still can.


What are you actually accomplishing at work on this summer Friday afternoon? Nothing, that’s what! Leave! Go to the pool!

TribLive profiled this inspiring feline resident of Brady’s Bend Township, Pennsylvania. Her owners, the Herr family, suspected Tissy (rhymes with “pissy” in an extremely satisfying manner for a cat name) might be interested in the water when she took to hanging out poolside while her young companion Taylee was swimming. So they decided to try her out:

“They are two peas in a pod and Tissy is Taylee’s sidekick. We put the floatie on Tissy after a few minutes of swimming because I’m not sure how long a cat can swim and I don’t want her to overexert herself,” Jennifer Herr said.

Sonny Herr had a hunch Tissy was more than just curious about water, and suggested the family introduce her to swimming.

“I thought she wanted to go into the pool. It was a natural thing for Tissy, “ Sonny Herr said. “She’s been swimming with Taylee ever since.”

Apparently there are numerous cat breeds that, contrary to the stereotype, do like the water, including the Maine Coon as well as the Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, American Shorthair, Norwegian Forest Cat, and the American Bobtail. I’m thrilled to report that Tissy has a Facebook page where you can follow her adventures in the water.

“People say it’s crazy, but she’s just a laid-back cat that loves to swim,” said Sonny Herr. Live your life, Tissy!!

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