Fluffy Housecat Leads College Football Team Onto the Field

Bo Pelini is the coach of the University of Nebraska's football team, the Corn Huskers, which held its annual spring game this weekend. And for some reason, on Saturday, Pelini led his players onto the field clutching his very bewildered-looking house cat.

Maybe there was some inspirational locker-room speech about rat-catching we weren't privy to? But yeah, it's mostly inexplicable.


The video is truly worth watching. As the Corn Huskers poured out of the tunnel, CBS Sports reports, Pelini held the feline up in a Lion King-like moment of triumph, then handed the poor, leash-wearing furball off to an assistant coach. Here's the money shot:

According to Big Red Today, this is probably a riff on a popular parody Twitter account for Pelini, which uses an Awkward Family Photos-style snap of Pelini and a cat as its avatar. When the coach responded to the faux version of himself, it was about the cat:


The cat looks confused as hell, but not totally miserable. However, there's a very good chance Pelini will pay for this with pissed-upon cross trainers.

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