Florida Woman Goes To Borrow Tampons, Steals Friend's iPad Instead

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A Florida woman, not content to play second fiddle to any Florida man, has been charged with grand theft for stealing a friend's iPad, after police say she intended to borrow some groceries and a feminine product.

Police in Fort Walton Beach received a report of a stolen iPad from a local woman. The victim said someone had stopped by her home "briefly to get groceries and a feminine product, then left."

But the feminine product borrower must have had other ideas, because she apparently wound up stealing the woman's iPad instead. Yeah, I often go to borrow tampons from my friends and then accidentally walk off with their expensive electronic gear. "OOPS SORRY SUSAN, I GRABBED YOUR CELL PHONE INSTEAD OF A PANTY LINER, LOL."


Police in Fort Walton say the suspect confessed to the theft:

An officer interviewed the suspect and she admitted stealing the iPad. She said while her friend looked for the feminine product, she took the iPad and hit in her grocery bag. Later, she sold it to another person for $50

OK. Everyone please proceed to make your own "iPAD" jokes here, because I'm sure as hell not doing it.

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zap rowsdower

I don't know how you can borrow a tampon.