Florida Woman Brands Her Kids So That She Can Keep Track of Them

23-year-old Port Charles, Florida resident Kayla Oxenham has been arrested for physically abusing her two 7 and 5-year-old children, including, most bizarrely, branding them with a hot stick so that they could have ice cream (??), and of course, so she she can keep track of them.

Oxenham also allegedly remarked that "[she] forgot how much [she] loved fire," when she branded her children.


And that's not all! As shown in the arrest affidavit, her older 7-year-old also claims that Oxenham slammed her younger sibling's head into a wall repeatedly for locking a cat in their bedroom. At the risk of the stating the obvious, this situation sounds completely crazy, but hopefully these children will get the opportunity to grow up in a situation that's way more stable than this one.

In case you can't see the video (Kinja!), click here.

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