Florida Residents, Circa 2005: Oh No, Jeb Bush Loves Porn!

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Jeb Bush’s decision to release *all* his emails is still biting him in the ass: messages from the mid-2000s indicate that the former Florida Governor invested over a million dollars of pension funds of his constituents in Movie Gallery, a national film rental company that yes, rents pornographic films. Yes, Jeb Bush pissed off said constituents with this call. Oh my.

A report from the International Business Times indicates that though the most of the films Movie Gallery rents are on the up-and-up, some of their rentals are full of boobs and dongs. And The American Family Association, among others, did not approve:

Movie Gallery shades hundreds of its stores with ‘back rooms,’ filled with thousands of videos and magazines exhibiting morbid depictions of sex.

By investing in Movie Gallery stock, the state of Florida is giving its stamp of approval on hard-core porn.

Tell the Florida Board of Administration to get out of the porn business by divesting itself of Movie Gallery stock.


IBT points out that Bush is not the only Republican who found Movie Gallery to be a good investment (though it wasn’t for long; ah, the days when movie rental companies existed/could be considered “good investments”):

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was criticized during the last presidential campaign for having bought and sold between $5,000 and $10,000 worth of Movie Gallery stock in the past.

For their part, the State Board of Administration of Florida responded to complaints about the investment by writing that, “as fiduciaries of the FRS pension plan the Trustees, Executive Direction and professional investment staff are legally required to act solely in the best interest of beneficiaries.” Which translates to: this was a good investment! Who cares about the tits! Apparently, a man named Richard, who wrote, “Have you people lost your minds?” Richard, just go with the flow and do what comes naturally.

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I’m not bothered by the porn. I’m bothered by the fact that Jeb decided that in 2005, in the twilight of the home video business, he thought it would be a good time to invest in the brick and mortor home movie rental busines. I mean, i know people can’t see the future. However, look at this nugget from Wikipedia about Netflix

In 2005, 35,000 different film titles were available, and Netflix shipped 1 million DVDs out every day.[28]

So essentially whaty this says to me is Jeb either didn’t do the research, or did but didn’t care about it, and failed to see what a dying business he was putting money in. This shows a serious lack of foresight and being able to see trends and change coming. And this is someone who people want to make President?