Florida Prosecutor's Facebook Tells 'Crack Hoes' to 'Tie Your Tubes'

An assistant state attorney in Florida seems to be leaving some rather horrific and offensive posts on his Facebook page, but would not confirm or deny if the account is actually his.

A Facebook page reportedly belonging to prosecutor Kenneth Lewis shows the attorney making statements suggesting "crack hoes" get their tubes tied and giving his support to racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

The page is making news in Florida tonight (probably because the media was just alerted to its existence). The variety of posts on the page are nothing less than bizarre, with some pretty hardcore racist overtones. According to WKMG:

[A] photograph of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor was posted. A caption above the Puerto Rican woman states, "Reason enough why no country should ever engage in the practice of Affirmative Action again. This could be the result. Where would she be if she didn't hit the quota lottery? Here's a hint: "Would you like to supersize that sir?"


"Join me in supporting free speech and the right to have your own private opinions kept that way (regardless if you agree with them). Join me in changing your Facebook profile photo to one of DONALD STERLING!!!" states a post on May 9. Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who has been bombarded with criticism for making racist comments in a secret audio recording.

On the account, Lewis appears rather obsessed with the media's coverage of Michael Sam.


But hey, he also wants to shut down Sea World?


Several outlets have reached out to Lewis for comment, but so far he has not admitted or denied the page is his. It could very well be the work of one of those bored people who like to set up parody accounts for politicians. But the people commenting on his posts appear to be friends who know him personally as "Ken."


For what it's worth, Lewis doesn't seem to give a shit that the media is reporting on to his Facebook account:


According to News 13, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton has responded to the story:

"I have been made aware of certain statements attributed to Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis on social media. I do not agree with the political sentiments expressed by him and I find some of the words he chose to be both offensive and dehumanizing. Political speech is protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution and I do not police the private thoughts, views or expressions of those in my employ."


Well. At least he really misses his cat.

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