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Mother and Daughter in Florida Both Give Birth on the Same Day

Illustration for article titled Mother and Daughter in Florida Both Give Birth on the Same Day

40-year-old Heather Penticoff and her daughter 20-year-old Destinee Martin both found out they were pregnant on the same day. But they didn't realize that nine months later, they'd be giving birth within three hours of each other. UM FREAKY FRIDAY KINDA BUT NOT REALLY.


Last Tuesday, both women were taken to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Meyers, Florida, where doctors induced both pregnancies for completely separate medical reasons. Penticoff gave birth to a baby girl and two hours and 46 minutes later, Destinee gave birth to a boy.

Martin admitted that she wasn't exactly thrilled when she found out about her mother's pregnancy—classic mom stealing her thunder—but over the course of nine months, the two of them grew closer, telling NBC-2:

"Going through the pregnancy and now having her here to help me is a lot nicer than if it wouldn't have went that way," said Martin.


As for the same due date:

"It's not really something you ever want or think could happen," said Martin.

Penticoff stated, "It's like having twins without carrying twins," and that "It's a blessing all around." Aw, now I want to go watch Father of the Bride Part II. Almost.

Image via NBC-2.

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Now a trashier state must top Florida by having a daughter, mom, and grandma give birth on the same day. You can do it, guys! 14, 28, 42, go!