Florida Man Stages Fake DUI Trial to Propose to His Girlfriend

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As social media continues to eat us alive, marriage proposals are more over-the-top than ever. Whatever happened to just tossing a ring at someone between Russian Doll episodes and saying “You want to do this thing or what?”

According to the New York Post, Florida lawyer Brandon Dinetz knew he’d have to work hard if he truly wanted to shock his lawyer girlfriend, Jen Lettman, with his proposal. So he spent five months plotting a fake DUI trial at the Palm Beach County Courthouse, complete with a judge, defense attorney and fictional defendant. The jury, of course, were 17 of Lettman’s family members and friends.

Lettmann said the two would regularly watch each other’s opening statements, so her being in the courtroom that day wasn’t weird. But when Dinetz started talking about love in his opening statement, Lettmann started to suspect this was no ordinary DUI trial:

“I wasn’t really paying attention until I recognized that one of the jurors looked like Brandon’s dad, which I thought was funny. Then I saw my dad and I was so confused. When I saw my sister I knew what was happening and I started crying.

“Of course I said yes,” she added.

You know what they say: You can’t spell “DUI” without “I DU.”

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