Welp, finally we have found something that makes all the sense in the world. According to a study, it looks like Florida is the most stressed out state in the country (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii).

Real estate blog Movato calculated the "stress levels" of each state by analyzing six criteria: percentage of population with a commute over 20 minutes, unemployment, hours worked, population density, percentage of income spent on housing, and percentage of population without health insurance.

With an 11.3% unemployment rate and just over a fourth of the population uninsured, Florida secured its spot at number one, followed by Georgia, New Jersey, California, and Nevada. Maryland ranked 8th most stressful but had the highest percentage with a commute longer than 20 minutes, an unfortunate accomplishment. The least stressful state? North Dakota. With a wonderfully low population density and a 3.4% unemployment rate, things are looking alright up there.

For the most part, it looks like both the coasts of America are pretty stressful, while the midwest is a little more relaxed. I don't know. Maybe people just need to get away from people a bit more often. Lord knows I do.


Image via Getty.