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Floor Plans of the Girls Apartments Seem Almost Believable

Illustration for article titled Floor Plans of the emGirls/em Apartments Seem Almost Believable

This may not be as illuminating a dip into architecture as some of you may have hoped for, but it is interesting in a Sims kind of way. Haven't you always wanted to know exactly how much space your favorite (or least favorite) sitcom characters occupied? Didn't you always want to have a better idea of just how far Adam has to travel if he's, say, sitting in his front room and is suddenly seized by the urge to take a huge dump?


These floor plans of the apartments on Girls will make you wonder, simultaneously, how all these underemployed characters afford such magically spacious Brooklyn apartments, and why no one has made a Sims-Girls parody yet, because Girls sometimes seems like a replay of the Sims that some aspiring novelist created ostensibly as a brainstorming exercise, but really as just another way to kill time between masturbating sessions.

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I love making replicas of real-life or fictional places on the Sims (3). When my parents were deciding how to renovate our house I made a mock-up on the Sims on how I thought they could lay out the rooms, all fully decorated, and they actually followed my ideas pretty closely, which was great.

Then there was the time I made mock-ups of Buffy's house and Spike's crypt from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Addams Family house from the original series. I'm not going to pretend that was a healthy use of my time, but it was certainly entertaining.

(ETA: yes, I also made Buffy and Spike. Don't tell me my fellow Simmer Jezzies haven't done these things too, because I won't believe you. I also have a happily married Giles and Jenny Calendar in one of my towns, and I REFUSE to apologise for it!)