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Christina El Moussa of Flip or Flop fame is getting her own show, Christina on the Coast, dedicated purely to design. I don’t know this woman, but I’m thrilled for her that she can devote at least some of her working hours to a project that doesn’t involve her ex-husband, which seems hideously stressful.


Moussa told People that “It’s going to be fun and light-hearted. I feel like it’s a win-win,” and, “I’ll be able to do what I like more which is the design part,” adding, “That’s always been what I’m good at, and people are always asking me to come help them do their house. It’s going to be fun to be able to add my taste, and not have a flip budget.” No unexpected plumbing costs eating into the throw pillow money!

The Hollywood Reporter explained, “the extension of the popular ‘Flip or Flop,’ one without her ex-husband, will blend reality and design with an increased focus on El Moussa’s personal life.”


She is still working with Tarek, though:

Season seven of Flip or Flop is currently airing, but, Christina explains, “It’s a whole different dynamic and it’s more real.”

“We’re a couple that got divorced on TV and we could have just brushed right over it but I think it makes sense for everyone to see what it’s like to work with your ex-spouse. It’s important,” she says.

Decorating homes in all the many shades of grey and white is nice work if you can get it, but there remains no clearer argument against participating in any sort of reality TV than the cults of personality that develop around HGTV shows. Home reno ought to be a form of TV fame for people who want to show off their abilities without having to talk about their personal lives. But thanks to the fact that HGTV is as much about selling a vision of family as it is about being good at picking the right wainscoting, these two still ended up splashed out all over the tabloids.

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