Flight Attendant Photographed Performing Alleged Mid-Flight Oral Sex on Pilot

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A series of pixellated, blurry photos that show a woman in a flight attendant's uniform performing mid-flight oral sex on a pilot have prompted a full investigation by the woman's employer. After that airplane themed verse in N.E.R.D's "Lapdance," it was really only a matter of time. In fact, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.


Cathay Pacific won't comment on the Hong Kong Screwy incident, but a Chinese news outlet reported that the two appear to be in a Cathay cockpit. There's no way to tell if the plane's on the ground or flying the really really friendly skies.

Reports in Hong Kong media said the pictures had been widely circulated on an online forum for pilots, and added that the duo in the photos were a couple.

According to the Chinese-language Apple Daily, the pilot - a foreigner - has issued a legal letter to the newspaper saying the photos had been stolen from his personal computer and that he had lodged a police report.


If you ever went through a phase where you thought it was totally sexy to be wild n' crazy in sort of tired and not actually very fun ways, you know that it is very difficult for one who is receiving oral sex to drive in a straight line. Getting sky-head, or air-head would probably be similarly dangerous. but I guess it explains why pilots always sound so weird when they get on the intercom.

Cathay Pacific Investigates Aircraft Sex Photos [Herald Sun]

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I find it horrifying that there are people who think road-head is a good idea!