Flag Removing Hero Bree Newsome Wants 'An End to the Hate' in America

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Brittany “Bree” Newsome, the woman who took down South Carolina’s Confederate flag last week, spoke with Good Morning America about her motivations and what she wants from this country.

“I felt very strongly we needed that moment,” she told GMA. “We needed that moment to say ‘enough is enough.’ We want an end to the hate.”

Newsome added, ““It’s time to reconcile ourselves with the past and move forward into a better future where everyone has equal rights.”


She’s right, but her performance art of removing the flag with a white male friend, James Ian Tyson, earned her a charge of defacing a monument. She faces a fine of up to $5,000 and three years in prison if she is convicted.

However, her criminal case might be pointless because South Carolina’s Governor says the flag should be removed and, according to a survey, the state’s congress has gathered the necessary voting majority to remove the flag, according to the Post and Courier. Convicting and sentencing her at this point in history would be a bad look.

Here’s hoping the support Bree’s gained, both politically and from the American people, keep her and James out of jail.

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