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Five-Year-Old Obit for Golden Girl Rue McClanahan Goes Viral Yet Again

Illustration for article titled Five-Year-Old Obit for iGolden Girl/i Rue McClanahan Goes Viral Yet Again

Well, it’s time for another round of social-media mourning for Rue McClanahan, despite the fact that the Golden Girls cast member has been dead for five years. And no, you don’t have deja vu—this is, in fact, the second time that McClanahan has been reanimated and subsequently killed by Facebook and/or Twitter.


CBS reports that their 2010 obituary for McClanahan is once again receiving an influx of traffic, almost exactly one year after the last time a bunch of people on Facebook and Twitter started passing the article around like it was fresh information. CBS suspects the great game of telephone has struck yet again, turning a commemoration into confusion. Let’s just save time for everybody and create Rue McClanahan Day.

You know somebody was a beloved pop cultural figure when her obituary is evergreen viral content. Or at least somebody with the sort of syndicated omnipresence where they feel immortal to everybody but in-the-know superfans.


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Admission: I have never seen a single episode of Golden Girls and I’m due this month with my first kiddo. Is it worth downloading the whole series so I have something to watch during midnight nursing seshes?