First Woman To Be Executed In Virginia In 98 Years

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Teresa Lewis is scheduled to be executed on September 23 for her role in her husband and stepson's murders. She'll be the first U.S. woman executed since 2005. Two very different takes on the story are here and here.


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Even if you are an advocate for the death penalty (I'm not), this seems like a case where the death penalty should NOT apply. Whether or not she masterminded the murders is in question, she did not actual kill anyone, and those who did weren't sentenced to die.

I've never understood the way different types of murders are treated in our legal system. Serial killers don't usually get the death penalty (because they're mentally ill by definiton? I'm not sure), and crimes of passion usually result in lighter sentences... but it seems to me that offenders that fall into the crimes of passion category are some of the most likely to reoffend upon release. These are people who have so little impulse control, are so poor at controlling their tempers that they murder. Of course it's likely that upon release someone will enrage them enough to murder again.

I guess my point is that even people who are pro-death penalty should see the obvious problems with it's current application and demand reform.