First Promo for The Hills 10th Anniversary Special Proves So Much Is Still Unwritten

Because the main cast members of The Hills (2006-2010) have spent over half a decade making sure we’ve been keeping up with their post-Hills lives (some with more success than others), the folks at MTV decided to opt out of a more typical Where Are They Now?-like special for their 10-year anniversary.


Based on its first promo, The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now appears to be a look behind the curtain of sorts—a peek into the un-redacted records of the time. L.C. begins by saying, “So often we would say, like, if you knew the real story, you would understand. And what I’d like to do is tell that story.” So it looks like MTV is finally ready to admit that, yes, this entire “reality” show was all bullshit. But also, it sort of wasn’t.

That Was Then, This Is Now premieres Sunday, August 7. I hope there’s an aftershow.

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doing this without heidi and spencer makes no sense. LC is boring as hell and we already know exactly what she’s up to thanks to social media