First Male Performer Joins the New Orleans Saints Dance Team, Slays

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Oh hell yes, 2018 is now officially the year that people pushed back against narrow-minded bigotry via the art of athletic dance. The Advocate reports that on Friday night, Jesse Hernandez became the first-ever man to perform with the NFL’s New Orleans Saints dance team, the Saintsations. I am no dance expert, and the video was taken from a distance, but this looks like slaying to me (he’s the one in the black pants). Here are a few closer-up views:

Definite slaying going on...


Oh yes, confirmed slay.

Bonus points for hair which, it goes without saying, really showed up for this and stayed on point.

According to the Advocate, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies who joined the Los Angeles Rams dancers in March–and are believed to be the only other male NFL dancers–inspired him to try out.


And now here’s one single reason to watch football!

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Hologram of Gertrude Stein

He needs to be in a tank top and something like bike shorts and show as much skin as the women. Or put the women in black pants and white T-shirts. Nice to have a guy but nice is not enough. The women are much more sexualized than he is.