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First Look: Taylor Momsen As The Face Of Madonna & Lourdes' Fashion Line

Illustration for article titled First Look: Taylor Momsen As The Face Of Madonna  Lourdes Fashion Line

Obviously the Material Girl line is all about attitude, because we can barely see any clothes in this image, and Taylor won't stop yelling at us with her eyes. But here's what's even stranger:

Macy's is running a teaser campaign called "Who's That Girl," with copy that reads, "Who is the Material Girl? Find out on 8.3.2010, only at Macy's." The "sneak peek" video pointedly avoids showing the face of a leggy, blonde young woman who is quite clearly Taylor Momsen. If Taylor's gig as the face of Material Girl was supposed to be a surprise, someone effed up. Because we found this ad on page 7 of the new Star magazine.


Material Girl [Macy's]

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The most confusing thing to me about the print ad is that I literally have NO idea what Taylor Momsen is wearing. No clue.