Those who have been watching How I Met Your Mother from the start know that each Halloween, Ted ventures upstairs to the same party where he first saw the "Slutty Pumpkin" in 2001. Each year he dresses the same โ€” as a "Hanging Chad," which was kinda funny at the time, I guess โ€” in hopes that he'll come across the mystery woman who stole his heart ten years ago. It's been a call-back used every season since the show's inception, leading some to wonder whether or not the "Slutty Pumpkin" will turn out to be the show's "mother."

This year we will finally discover who the girl behind said pumpkin costume really is โ€” and she'll be played by none other than Katie Holmes. Holmes will play Naomi, a woman who, as you can see at left, moves pretty quickly in the PDA department.


The episode airs Monday at 8pm. Hopefully you'll be out of the house, eating candy.