First Fifty Shades Movie Poster: a Bleak View and a Lonely Salaryman

Illustration for article titled First emFifty Shades/em Movie Poster: a Bleak View and a Lonely Salaryman

So… the first teaser poster for the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey is, indeed, very gray.


There are no hints here that the film is based on a book about "kinky" sex, spanking and leather restraints. This might as well be a movie about a depressed businessman who is downsized due to the shitty economy and subsequently jumps out of a high-rise window. Or maybe it's the tale of an angel who comes to earth in the form of a CEO. Fact: "Mr. Grey will see you now" are actually the last words you hear before you enter heaven.

But! Even though this movie doesn't open until 2015, Universal Pictures has lots of teaser stuff happening: There's a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a Grey Enterprises Holdings website where one can "apply" to be an "intern." Sexual harassment in the workplace is so much fun!

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I hope everyone else from Seattle is thinking about how that view magically puts his office building in the middle of the Puget Sound....