First-Ever Model in Wheelchair Featured at New York Fashion Week

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Dr. Danielle Sheypuk made history last week, becoming the first model in a wheelchair to grace a New York Fashion Week runway.


Dr. Sheypuk, profiled in the Huffington Post, was also Ms. Wheelchair New York 2012. She participated in Carrie Hammer's show.

Carrie Hammer decided to shake things up and feature Sheypuk as the first person to "walk" the runway in a wheelchair.

"I made the decision to cast 'role models not runway models,'" Hammer said in an email interview. "It is so important to me that women have positive body image and are empowered in work and their life. My line makes dresses to fit women. We don't make dresses that women need to fit into."

Sheypuk, who has used a wheel chair since age 2, said she has a longstanding interest in designer clothing. But there was always something missing: enough role models. "People with disabilities need to see it. It's a confidence booster. It's like, 'if she's doing it, I can do it. Who cares about my wheelchair?'"

Dr. Sheypuk said she felt just like another runway model, working her fierceness down the runway.

If you want to see more of her, check out the Raw Beauty Project, which she's also participating in, or her website here.


Images via Dr. Danielle Sheypuk Instagram


She is awesome :)

PS: I want those shoes, even though I know that wearing those shoes would result in my untimely death via a tragic but hilarious fall.