Fiona the Hippo 'Kisses' Mother and Melts Hearts

A hippo’s face is mostly a giant mouth, so if we define a kiss as mouths hitting things, it’s gonna happen a lot in the hippo pen. Here it is happening between friend of Jezebel, Fiona the hippo, and her mom, Bibi.


Who cares if it’s a kiss or just a random head butt between two large floating objects? Everything Fiona does is precious and worthy of news coverage. Fiona was born prematurely in 2017 and she had to be kept separately from her mother as she was reared to a safe size for reintroduction. Fiona has since flourished, as has the internet’s love for her. Now, mother and daughter are reunited and, as CBS News notes in the bizarrely soundtracked video above, “She can kiss her mom whenever she wants!”

Let Fiona kissing her mom whenever she wants carry you through this day and into the next with a hopeful heart. As always, Fiona, you inspire me with your simple gestures of affection on the random currents of life.

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Aren’t hippos super dangerous? Is Fiona’s end game to lull us into a false sense of ease, then she kills us all?