Finance Dude Asks Clients to Vote For Him in Sad Sexy Banker Contest

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Even though the title of sexiest banker was given out long ago (Meredith Whitney, duh), some who work in finance remain unsatisfied, I guess. What other possible explanation would there be for a banking career website to sponsor a "sexiest banker poll" and invite users to vote? And what deep, all-consuming sadness would motivate one of the "sexy banker" candidates to solicit votes from his clients and colleagues?


Two months ago, the website efinancialcareers launched a contest between six bankers to determine which of them was the "sexiest." And tens and tens of people weighed in. The winner was some dude whose name I've already forgotten, but who I'm sure has a very nice slacks collection and gets his shoes shined while frowning at the Wall Street Journal. Did you hear the financial news? Arrows are going up, up, up! And also down, maybe!

Anyway, a few days ago, administrators of efinancialcareers noticed that suddenly, the long-forgotten hot bank man polls had opened again, with one banker — Guilherme Lopes — had rapidly and decisively risen in the ranks. When they contacted him about it, he was all surprised, but it turns out that something else was afoot:

How did this happen? “The last time I looked I was in last place,” said an astonished Lopes. “How many votes does the person in second place have?” he added.

Despite Lopes’ professed surprise, we understand he may have been soliciting support from clients and colleagues, one of whom informed us he’d received an email requesting that he express his support for the sultry Brazilian.


And there you have it. Saddest non-gun-related sentence you'll read today.


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