Finally, You Can Get A Hotel Room In Space

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Talk about getting seriously, seriously away from it all.

And all you need is a shitload of cash!

Space tourists will have to pay £500,000 to travel on a Soyuz rocket to get to the hotel before stumping up a further £100,000 for a five-day stay.

"The hotel will be aimed at wealthy individuals and people working for private companies who want to do research in space," said Sergei Kostenko, chief executive of Orbital Technologies, which will construct the orbiting guest house. "A hotel should be comfortable, and this one will be."


Well done, Russian engineers. The mega-wealthy were just starting to get bored.

Space hotel to give rich a thrill that's out of this world [Guardian]

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Blerf. I work on projects that put me in proximity with NASA staff, including former astronauts, and I can tell you that "vacation" is not the word any of them would use to describe microgravity. Apparently a large chunk of your first mission day is usually spent vomiting up your toenails and at the very least feeling generally terrible while your fluids redistribute in the absence of the pull of gravity ("puffy face and chicken legs" was the term that was used.) Eventually those symptoms resolve as you acclimatize but THEN you get to worry about the fact that your muscle mass and bone density start to decrease as your body redistributes your resources.

I mean, VERY COOL, but I had no idea how just... ROUGH space travel is on your body.