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Finally There's One Good Thing About the Atlanta Airport: Traveling Moms Now Get Nursing Rooms

Illustration for article titled Finally Theres One Good Thing About the Atlanta Airport: Traveling Moms Now Get Nursing Rooms

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport has introduced nursing rooms, which is great news for the many families who are well-acquainted with the experience of getting trapped there!


Previously, the only areas moms could really breastfeed at Hartsfield were public restrooms, according to WXIA-TV, and we all know those aren’t the cleanest places. Would you want to eat your airport meal near a toilet? Probably not. Eventually the “Table for Two” movement sprang up—a social media campaign aimed at pressuring Hartsfield’s leaders into making the airport more family-friendly. It began a few years ago and used the universal repulsion of eating in the bathroom to the push their point.

“Many women stop breastfeeding before they’re ready” because of the inconvenience of finding a private place to pump or feed their babies, said Monica Ponder, who worked on the Table for Two campaign with Sojourner Grimmett.


Now there are pods in each of the airport’s concourses where moms can nurse or pump their breast milk in private.

“I can come here and put up my feet and feed her,” said Tiffini Gatlin of Atlanta, a mother of four who gave birth to her daughter Zoë a few weeks ago. “It’s relaxing, and definitely comfortable in here.”

Airport officials are considering adding even more pods, which is probably a great idea for a travel hub as busy as Atlanta. No one wants to fight over a breastfeeding chair while your infant screams.

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This is awesome. Now, all other airports need to follow suit!

I will say though that the Atlanta airport was the site of my single best breastfeeding-in-public experience. About 2ish years ago, I had to fly to my brother’s marine boot camp graduation with Mini Pie who was around 4-5 months old. We had a long layover in Atlanta and I needed to feed her while we were there.

I refused to even contemplate using the restroom and didn’t want to be sitting in the regular waiting area seats that were all super crowded. I saw that one of the areas filled with rocking chairs where a few terminals meet was empty so I sat down in a chair to try and get her fed as quickly as possible.

I was wearing a nursing tank and had a blanket slightly draped over my shoulder and the back of her head to somewhat shield people but she always refused to nurse completely covered so if you were nosy and stared for longer than a couple seconds you could probably see what we were doing. I was always sure to be well versed in the rules and regulations regarding public feeding regardless of where I was so I knew I was allowed to do this but was still girding myself for some a-hole to say something to me.

As I’m feeding her and trying to relax a bit, I see this older woman approaching me. I tense up, ready for an argument and she gets close enough to quietly whisper “Hi honey, I don’t want to bother you but I remember these days and how important it was to stay hydrated so I bought you this bottle of water. Here, I’ll pull a table over for it so you don’t have to juggle. Do you need anything else? No? Well ok, take care of yourself now!”

I don’t even think I managed to say actual words to her besides nodding and a strangled thank you. I was so overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness when I was ready for a fight that it’s become one of my all time favorite memories.

So just remember. Even though we read a lot of shit about shaming breastfeeding women and lack of facilities, there are still a lot of people who support you and who are working for change.