Finally Someone Is Taking Anthony Weiner's Cell Phone Away From Him--The Feds

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

According to reports, federal authorities have issued a subpoena for former New York City congressman Anthony Weiner’s cell phone and “other records” following a recent report that the married 52-year-old father had exchanged sexually charged messages with a teenage girl.

CNN reports the office of the delightfully ambitious U.S. Attorney and Turkish meme, Preet Bharara, issued the subpoena, though it’s not clear exactly when that occurred or whether it has been served yet.

Both the FBI and the NYPD are reportedly investigating whether Weiner acted criminally in the deeply inappropriate messages he exchanged with the teen.


This story is developing and will be updated.

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This dude. I want to say keeping him away from social media/texting, but I think his pervy tendencies would manifest IRL....if they haven’t already. (Honestly, I can’t believe he isn’t a creeper 24/7)