Finally, Some Christian-Friendly Words For Your Vagina

Have you been searching for a few phrases you can use to describe your vagina without allowing "Satan to enter your body and take control of your mouth"? Never fear.


Satirical website is here to give you a few new words for your arsenal. Feel free to tell me which ones you loved, hated, and which ones he didn't mention that you're dying to show off.

I'm all *whisper* vaginas *whisper*.

(Man, whispering the word "vaginas" is way creepier than just saying it. Even in text.)


Christian Phrases For Vagina [BuzzFeed]

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- Hairy Hatchet Wound

- Wet Velvet

- Snatchateria

- Stinky Bento

- Little Man in the Canoe (clitoris)

- Little Man in the Canyon (for our fist-friendly friends)

- Little Man in the Crater (I'm looking at you Michelle Duggar)

- Meat Wallet

- Ham Sack

- Fish Trap

- Twilight Zone

- Nemo

- Penis Pocket

- Bon Jovi

- The Rodriguez

- Hairy Hat

- Pink Taco

... is it Friday yet?