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Finally, Makeup You Can Sleep in So You Won't Scare Away Men

Illustration for article titled Finally, Makeup You Can Sleep in So You Wont Scare Away Men

Any woman who has ever made the grave mistake of washing her face before going to bed/inadvertently (drunkenly) smearing it off while sleeping next to a lover knows what will inevitably happen the next morning, when the sun hits her bare, freakish face: Tears. Screams. Tragedy. Disaster.


Ha, no. The person you're sleeping with will still like you if you have more mascara under your eyes than on your eyelashes, and if they don't, you really shouldn't be sleeping with them. Still, there are plenty of women who wear makeup to bed, from makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, who vowed never to face the world without mascara again after becoming "popular overnight" as a 13 year old (and, incidentally, should maybe look into therapy), to a women I knew in college who said she slept in eyeliner because she thought she looked "tired" without it. God forbid you look tired before going to bed!


Boots Health and Beauty Magazine is trying to sell those women products:

Illustration for article titled Finally, Makeup You Can Sleep in So You Wont Scare Away Men

"Apparently, 80% of us wait a whole month before we allow a new boyfriend to see us without make-up. SO hurrah for the make-up you actually go to bed in!" Hurrah for the male gaze watching over us while we sleep! "Mornings just got a lot prettier!" I just can't.

In my experience, it's a lot cuter to laugh together over how crazy you and your new "friend" look the morning after than it is to pretend your face is naturally that shade of shimmery peach. Better tip: don't fuck anyone who makes you feel like you need permanent mascara?


Image via @L1nds (via Everyday Sexism)

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Pope Alexander


I look around my office or at women on the street or on transit and it actually seems like very few women wear a "full face" of makeup, or even any makeup at all. I'm a cosmetics addict, but this idea that a huge number of women never let a man see them without makeup seems like strategic marketing rather than a reflection of reality.