Into the Woods is probably one of the most eagerly anticipated films of this year, thanks to die-hard theater geeks and people who love Meryl Streep in pretty much anything. Unfortunately, so far the more we see of this film, the more worried we are that it might be a giant, sad mess.

Mostly people have been asking "Um, where is the singing?" (Because, you know, it is based on a musical after all.) In this new featurette, which is admittedly filled with lots of stars and filmmakers droning on in the usual "it was such a blessing to work on this project, it is a true vision" way, we finally get to listen to at least a few seconds of some of the songs in the film. OK, thanks Disney. I'm glad all the people in the film think everyone else who is in the film or worked on the film is brilliant but I'm still hung up on this.