Goop is hip and current and with it. They will soon be sending out lifestyle advice via Snapchat to weed-smoking teenagers everywhere.

Goop CEO Lisa Gersh spoke with Business Insider at Cannes Lions about the imminent arrival of their brand on your tween cousin’s favorite app. Maybe they were asked about Snapchat as a joke, but their plans are real:

“We will do it,” Gersh said. “That’s what we’re working on. When we figure it out we’ll launch it.”

“We’re video-enabled, but we have not launched video on the site yet,” Gersh said. “We’re looking at how we’re going to express ourselves in video - we’re looking at it.”


Paltrow will be “heavily involved,” because Goop is her full-time job. “She’s involved in every piece of content we publish,” said Gersh.

Gersh also explained who Goop is trying to reach:

Gersh described Goop’s “bull’s-eye girl” - the site’s target demographic - as 25 to 45 years old. “She’s super curious, she’s health conscious, she cares about fashion, she cares about travel, and she cares about food,” Gersh said. “She has a job, she has an income, she’s relatively affluent -$100,000 plus. That’s the audience.”


She’s on Snapchat. Honestly, I would watch Gwyneth Paltrow get high and try to operate a $5,000 golden juicer in 10-second increments.

Image via my Snappy.